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Work together to solve tomorrow’s challenges

In the age of the knowledge-sharing economy, open source and exchanges facilitated by technological innovation, we have a responsibility to place openness and collaboration at the heart of our activities. By working at SUEZ NWS, you can benefit from sharing knowledge with others.

You can work with others to solve major challenges.

We encourage our employees to get involved in internal and external cooperation programmes designed to strengthen our performance and our leadership:


  • Working at SUEZ NWS means being able to draw on the strength of our local presence at ground level and our global reach across all five continents. We are stronger together, which is why we favour collaborative, matrix-style processes and multi-skill projects enabling us to get the best from our collective expertise.

  • We apply the same philosophy to all our innovation approaches, systematising exchanges between operational teams and our research centres or encouraging our teams to forge partnerships with public or private research organisations relevant to their markets.

  • This requirement for collective thought also applies in our collaboration with our clients and the populations we serve. Our user- and client-centric approaches and methodologies enable our employees to grow their skills and expertise while better addressing the needs and expectations of the people they deal with.


Working at SUEZ NWS means benefiting from sharing knowledge with others.


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*key figures of SUEZ, SUEZ NWS’ shareholder

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