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City-wide collection and urban cleaning

Maintaining a clean and beautiful city environment

Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial aspects to municipalities as they greatly influence visitors’ first impressions. To maintain a clean city, quality waste collection and cleaning services are key. Having modern facilities and specialized management help cities or achieve these. To this end, a growing number of local governments are choosing the work with specialized companies to maintain the appeal of their cities.

Waste to energy

Creating renewable energy from waste and reducing environmental footprint

SUEZ NWS uses incineration or methane technologies to recover caloricity in waste, and convert it into electricity or heat. This has the effect of cutting the volume of wastes by nearly 90%, thus greatly extending the service life of landfill facilities. It also reduces traditional fossil energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, turning discarded rubbish into a valuable green energy resource.

Hazardous Waste Treatment
Hazardous waste treatment

Minimizing industrial risks and impacts

The industrial production process often gives rise to hazardous waste that can be corrosive, flammable, toxic and infectious. This is why specialized technical methods for safety treatment are needed, to minimize the industrial risks and potential impacts on the environment.

Strategic landfill
Strategic landfill

Landfill: the destination for waste treatment

Solid waste residue cannot be eliminated, so an engineered containment landfill remains the ultimate means for waste disposal. Landfill, when not properly operated, causes severe pollution to soil and underwater. This is difficult to eliminate in the short-term. For this reason, it is crucial to use professional strategic landfill management practices. 

Waste Management
Waste management

Waste to resources

China produces more than 1 billion tons of waste a year, putting great pressure on the environment and exacerbating resource shortages. Abandoned waste can become a valuable resource, if properly treated. SUEZ NWS is committed to waste reduction, resource recovery and the conversion of waste to energy. Our varied expertise enables us to customize a wide range of waste management solutions that meet specific operational and environmental objectives of various commercial and industrial clients across Greater China.

Waste management services and industrial cleaning

Customizing professional and high-tech solutions for industrial users

Each industry has special waste treatment considerations. Our services for industrial enterprises include the collection of industrial and hazardous wastes, waste-to-energy incineration, cleaning of industrial confined space and etc. According to client requirements, we also provide customized on-site waste management services, in line with their waste conditions and objectives. 

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