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Waste is a resource. Through innovative recycling and recovery solutions, we make every effort to secure the sustainable development and overcome the environmental challenges in this region.

Antoine Grange-CEO of Recycling and Recovery of SUEZ Asia

Hazardous Waste Treatment
Hazardous waste treatment

Minimizing industrial risks and impacts

The industrial production process often gives rise to hazardous waste that can be corrosive, flammable, toxic and infectious. This is why specialized technical methods for safety treatment are needed, to minimize the industrial risks and potential impacts on the environment.

Waste management services and industrial cleaning

Customizing professional and high-tech solutions for industrial users

Each industry has special waste treatment considerations. Our services for industrial enterprises include the collection of industrial and hazardous wastes, waste-to-energy incineration, cleaning of industrial confined space and etc. According to client requirements, we also provide customized on-site waste management services, in line with their waste conditions and objectives. 

1223 Waste to Energyout

Waste: a kind of neglected energy source

As a key player in the circular economy and expert in the waste recovery, SUEZ assists local industries to transform waste into renewable energy, securing sustainable development and benefit from new revenue sources in their region.

Smart solid waste management

Achieving 100% compliance with regulations and improving the utilization rate and economics of waste-turned resources

SUEZ’s proprietary solutions for municipal and industrial customers – tailored to intelligently manage solid waste at the source – will minimize urban pollution, satisfy customer requirements, reduce the carbon footprints of businesses and contribute to greater environmental sustainability.

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