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As the global leader in water management, we are committed to use the most advanced water treatment technologies and management experience in the Greater China to preserve the country’s precious water resources.

Francois Fevrier-CEO of Water of SUEZ Asia

Water supply

Water: an essential resource for humanity

The earth’s freshwater resources make up just 2% of the planet’s total water supply. Currently, there are one billion people on the planet with no access to clean drinking water. China, one of the countries with the lowest per capita water volume, faces water shortages across two-thirds of its cities. Our water ecosystem is facing serious challenges, with a dwindling supply threating dire health and safety consequences. In addition to promoting water infrastructure expansion from urban to rural areas, China also pledged in its 13th Five-Year Plan to increase tap water penetration in rural areas to over 85% by 2020. Water quality compliance rate and supply safeguards also need to improve significantly. 

SUEZ NWS works with local partners throughout Greater China to help municipal authorities protect  community resources and provide safe and reliable water supply services. We also optimize management performance. With our support, municipal clients achieve efficiency, cost savings and regulatory compliance targets, while also preserving biodiversity. 

Industrial park water management

Integrated and efficient water management services to facilitate green development of industrial parks

The development of industrial parks is an effective way to improve the rate of industrialization and optimize industrial layout. It also helps strengthen the centralized management of industrial safety and environment protection. For this reason, in the past 20 years, the Chinese government has moved a large number of industrial enterprises to specialized industrial parks. Right now, there are over 22,000 industrial parks across China, including 478 national parks, and 1,170 provincial ones. With this high figure set to rise further, managing water resources and industrial parks environments has become key to preventing industrial pollution and promoting sustainable industrial development.

Sludge treatment and recycling

Extracting value from waste to energy resources

Sludge is an inevitable byproduct of wastewater treatment, which, if treated improperly, will extensively pollute the environment. Due to the complex composition, sludge, which contains pathogenic microorganisms, parasitic eggs, toxic heavy metals and refractory substances, causes secondary pollution to water, soil and atmosphere. It also poses a serious threat to the ecological environment, if not applied with harmless treatment. In addition, sludge landfill squeezes the scarce land, resulting in waste of resources. However, sludge is a misplaced resource, not waste. If properly utilized, the sludge can be used as a valuable fuel or feedstock.

Water treatment infrastructure

Introducing the most advanced water treatment technologies to China

Treatment Infrastructure is the first business unit that SUEZ NWS launched in Mainland China. As early as 1975, it built the first wastewater treatment plant in Liaoyang. Over the last four decades, we have built more than 300 water and wastewater treatment facilities in Greater China. Nearly a hundred million people in China benefit from the plants we have built.

Smart water solutions

Helping clients become future-focused utilities

With the booming development of its cities and infrastructure, China’s water and waste utilities are entering into a new era of deep transformation.  This revolutionary change is strongly supported by the central government and local authorities. Pursuing a sustainable and circular economy, this process integrates numerous powerful new innovations and technologies.  It also fully capitalizes on the benefits of the digital revolution. SUEZ NWS Advanced Solutions, made and delivered in China, are cutting-edge innovative technologies and service.  We deliver these to clients and partners, to help them achieve all their strategic goals. This is how we help them to become future-focused utilities.

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