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Water supply

The production of drinking water is a crucial issue for populations. SUEZ NWS offers effective solutions to produce quality drinking water in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of both cities and industries.

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Water: an essential resource for humanity

In recent decades, as China's rate of urbanization has gathered speed, demand for water has increased rapidly too, as has the need for higher drinking water quality and better water services.  Securing the quality and stability of water supply, while developing water infrastructure at the same rate as the economy develops, is essential. This will allow every citizen to drink safe water and enjoy high-quality services. How to achieve these objectives is a challenge that every water enterprise must face.

SUEZ NWS manages over 40 water supply projects in Greater China, including seven full-scale service companies, whose scope covers drinking water production, distribution, network management and customer service, serving over 25 million population.


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