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Faced with rising worldwide demand, the electricity production sector must combine security of production and environmental protection. SUEZ’s offer proposes a range of personalised solutions that guarantee the continuity of production and meet the need to ensure optimal safety levels and to minimise impacts on the environment and communities.
Your challenges

Meet the rising demand for energy, while protecting the environment

Energy production is at the centre of today's global challenges. Worldwide production of electricity will have to increase two-fold by 2050. The energy industry is facing a dual challenge: to meet constantly rising worldwide demand for energy, while limiting impacts on the environment, and on resources in particular. 

Power plant operators have to reconcile two targets: maintaining or improving the competitive performance of the means of production, while meeting increasingly stringent environmental demands.

To make your activities sustainable and efficient, it is crucially important to protect the health and safety of your employees and of the populations who live close to your sites, to limit your environmental footprint, to optimise your costs and to guarantee the continuity of production.
Our solutions

Guarantee operational and environmental performance

SUEZ proposes water and waste treatment solutions dedicated to electricity producers as part of a made-to-measure approach that includes partnerships. We help you to achieve high levels of performance, to control your risks and to protect the environment. We can guarantee regulatory compliance, while favouring responsible growth.

How to optimise your operational performance?

How to optimise the use of resources?

How to improve your environmental performance?

Our technologies

Technologies that are particularly well suited to the energy sector

We offer full technical and operational expertise to support you in the commissioning of new power plants or the refurbishment of existing plants, and in achieving your energy production objectives. We also provide specific solutions for your sector, such as Flue Gas Desulfurization.

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