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Oil and gas exploration and production are vital activities if we are to meet rising world energy demands. SUEZ offers its engineering expertise to design and rehabilitate your sites and for smart operations and maintenance management. We offer solutions for water, gas and waste treatment to improve production performance and protect the environment.
Your challenges

Satisfy Growing Demand For Oil And Gas In Compliance With Regulations

Water plays a key role throughout the production process. Requirements concerning the quality, reliability, safety and performance of water treatment processes are becoming increasingly urgent. Safe waste treatment is also a critical issue. Energy efficiency is central to the concerns of the oil and gas industry.

Protecting your employees’ health and safety, safeguarding the long-term future of your facilities, reducing your environmental footprint, cutting costs and guaranteeing uninterrupted production are key factors contributing to the sustainability and performance of your business, thereby enabling you to satisfy ever-increasing energy demands.
million barrels of oil
equivalent per day World oil demand in 2015, as published by the International Energy Agency.
is the average amount of water produced for each barrel of oil extracted.
is the power share provided by natural gas.
Our solutions

Supporting Oil And Gas Production Performance In Compliance With Regulations

We offer resource management solutions for water, energy and waste adapted to onshore and offshore conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbon production.

Our solutions are adapted according to available resources and the quality required by oil fields in order to provide optimum performance. Our expertise enables you to improve productivity and guarantee site safety and environmental protection. We help you control hazards related to oil and gas production, we ensure compliance with environmental and safety standards and encourage local acceptance.

How to increase production?

We enable you to achieve better productivity and cut costs. With solutions to increase oil and gas recovery, set up recycling systems and protect your assets, SUEZ is a key partner to help you boost your competitiveness.

How to safeguard operations?

By safeguarding operations, SUEZ guarantees uninterrupted production through reliable risk and contingency management solutions, and adapted maintenance services for optimum site management and operational efficiency.

How to improve local acceptance and reduce your environmental footprint?

SUEZ optimises the social and environmental integration of your sites. Local acceptance is a key performance factor and SUEZ offers a dedicated panel of services for more sustainable activities.
Our services

Service solutions for the Offshore oil & gas industry

Services addressing sea water, produced water and gas treatment

  • Sea water treatment for reinjection or desalting of crude oil.
  • Production of fresh water for living quarters.
  • Produced water treatment for discharge or reinjection.
  • Oil processing, gas dehydration & H2S removal.

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