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At the heart of SUEZ's concerns today is the ability to guarantee the continuity of quality customer service in all circumstances. This requires an internal organisation geared towards meeting customer expectations.  At SUEZ, customer culture is the result of a contractual and proactive commitment that translates into the implementation of efficient technical, human and logistical resources.

Your challenges

Customer relations, an essential service

SUEZ is responsible for billing more than 3 billion m3 of water throughout the world. The Group therefore strives to ensure optimal customer relations management, whether with public and local authorities or with consumers. 

SUEZ offers a customer experience based on quality customer relations at the local level, providing information, raising awareness and managing all types of operations. Through notably the redesign of its Customer Information System, SUEZ works towards a more personalised and efficient service for users in order to:

  • Meet their needs.
  • Give them more freedom.
  • Facilitate their daily lives.
  • Listen to and anticipate their needs.
Our solutions

Personalised and qualitative customer service focused on access to water

We offer a range of complementary and adaptable solutions for increased customer satisfaction, the right to water, and the protection of water resources. This integrated solution allows us to accompany the consumer experience through a responsible approach.

How can quality of service and user satisfaction be improved?

How can access to water guaranteed?

How can water resources be conserved?

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We work closely with our customers to define the best solutions together

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