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Sewage treatment

As the economy develops and urban areas expand, China's municipal wastewater volume continues to grow. In fact, the CAGR has remained above 5% since 2011. By 2020, the municipal wastewater volume is estimated to reach 71.8 billion tons. This will further exacerbate the deterioration for China's water environment, causing a series of problems that endanger human survival and development.
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Sewage treatment: the key to solve environment pollution

The wastewater treatment system is a major part of a city’s infrastructures, as well as an important way to prevent water pollution and improve the quality of the water environment. In recent years, China's total capacity of wastewater treatment has greatly improved. By the end of 2015, China's urban wastewater treatment rate had reached up to 91.9% (data source: SUEZ NWS has contributed to this total. Every day, SUEZ NWS treats more than 1 million tons of wastewater across China and provides high-quality wastewater treatment services to millions of citizens, to maintain the beautiful environment and the clean water resources of cities.

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