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Collection, which is key to increasing the recycling and recovery of household and other waste, is becoming a logistical service that is entering a new era. SUEZ develops innovative solutions to collect more and more recoverable waste, to continuously improve the performance of collection and to reduce its environmental impact.

Your challenges

Collecting more recoverable waste

Changing modes of consumption, production and eating habits have resulted in an explosion of the quantity and variety of waste that needs to be recovered. Waste management is a real challenge for communities, on both the financial and environmental fronts. 

Local authorities are reworking the management of their services in order to set up made-to-measure collection systems that can collect more recoverable waste, reduce nuisances and optimise costs.

Our solutions

Optimising the performance of collection at every step

We offer a broad choice of solutions to set up collection systems adapted to every region, and we also propose innovative solutions that can improve the performance of the service and reduce the environmental impact.

How to choose a collection system that best meets your needs?

How to help your residents to encourage sorting at source?

Collecting waste for recycling demands better sorting at the source. This is the reason why we propose incentive systems that encourage citizens to take their responsibilities and reward effective sorting.

How to group specific waste streams for better re-use?

Our references

They trust us

We work closely with our customers to define the best solutions together.

Our expertise

Supporting you throughout the waste cycle

From environmental engineering to facility management, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects:

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