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Wastewater is produced by human activity and has a direct impact on the natural environment into which it is discharged, whether it is treated or not. The responsible management of the increasing volumes of wastewater represents a genuine sanitary and environmental challenge for all the players involved (local authorities, operators, etc.), all over the world. Efficient treatment solutions exist, including the possible reuse of treated wastewater.

Your challenges

Reducing the impact of wastewater on the environment and health

A growing population, urbanisation and new modes of production and consumption are all producing more and more wastewater, which has become a genuine issue for public health and for the environment.
The disposal of untreated or poorly treated wastewater in the natural environment produces pollution that is catastrophic for biodiversity and the quality of water resources. This is the reason why it is necessary to treat wastewater and to encourage its reuse in order to protect public health and water resources. 
the number of people without access to enhanced sanitation services
of the world’s fresh water reserves are polluted
of wastewater is discharged directly into the natural environment without prior treatment in developing countries
Our solutions

Treating wastewater and encouraging its reuse

SUEZ is a specialist in water treatment that develops wastewater treatment solutions that are adapted to local conditions, meet health standards and protect water resources and biodiversity. As well as treating water, the plants designed by SUEZ also allow, where appropriate, for the reuse of wastewater, in keeping with the regulations applying to the environment and public health.

How to limit the impact of wastewater treatment plants on their environment?

How to reuse wastewater?

How to guarantee the performance of treatment systems?

Our innovations

Advanced wastewater treatment solutions

Each year, SUEZ invests €74 million in more than 65 research and development programs so that our customers benefit from the most efficient solutions and high-performance technologies on the market

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