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Beijing Huaifang: Asia’s largest underground MBR-based WWTP*

Beijing, the state capital, faces the problem of water scarcity caused by climate change and urbanization. The ever-increasing water pollution and wastewater treatment pressure were hindering its development. In 2015, SUEZ NWS co-operated with Beijing Drainage Group to upgrade the plant into the biggest underground MBR-based WWTP in Asia (as of Nov. 2018) with cutting-edge technology.
The mission

Located in the southwest of Beijing, the 3-floor plant is built underground to save valuable land, accommodating an area of 162,000 m2 for water treatment equipment. The project aims to improve wastewater and sludge treatment capacity, improve flood control and treated water quality. On top of the plant, a wetland park is to be built open to the public for leisure and entertainment. The technical challenges come mainly from:

  • Main treatment processes located underground;
  • Higher treated water quality standards after commissioning;
  • Operation with no odor and low noise;
  • Sludge power generation for internal use;
  • Wastewater recycled to the wetland park.
  • Our solution

    SUEZ NWS is responsible for the purchasing, acceptance upon delivery, installation, commissioning, O&M of all treatment facilities and equipment to optimize the treatment performance. The execution team shows its expertise in equipment integration and excellence in project management to meet the client’s requirements in various aspects. The project is completed with high standards in December 2016 and transferred to the maintenance and aftersales.

    The result

    Today, the plant is capable of recycling 200 million m3 of wastewater in a year, which significantly relieves the pressure of wastewater treatment in Beijing’s southern area. The recycled water is used for industrial and commercial purposes and also to replenish nearby waterways, bringing both environmental and economic benefits for sustainable development.

    Thanks to high level of automation and comprehensive monitoring system, this giant plant is being operated smoothly with less than 20 people.


    m3/year wastewater converted

    to recycled water


    to operate the plant


    * as of Nov. 2018
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