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Intelligent storm water control system to build sponge city for Chongqing

Of the 30 pilot sponge cities in China, Chongqing is the first that is a directly controlled municipality. Together with Yuelai New City in Liangjiang New Area, where Asia's second largest convention center is located, it is the first to trial the “sponge city” concept. In 2017, SUEZ NWS won the contract for the project of Yuelai Sponge City Monitoring and Information Platform, for which the company shall use its integrated digital solution AQUADVANCED® urban drainage system for storm water management, to evaluat the performance of sponge facilities and preventing the occurrence of urban flooding.
The Mission

Chongqing's annual rainfall, the bulk of which falls in Summer and Autumn, is above 1,000mm. Due to the complex landscape, the city faces challenging considerations around flood control and drainage. As a typical mountainous area, Chongqing's ecosystem is sensitive, fragile and difficult to recover,coupled with climate, water, vegetation and man-made factors. As such, a normal underground pipe network cannot guarantee the city's safety from storm water. The challenge is one of making full use of the distinctive natural features, moving away from the traditional drainage-oriented rainwater treatment concept, and creating a soft system for urban drainage. This is a major hurdle Chongqing must overcome in order to build a sponge city.



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Our Solution
In 2017, SUEZ NWS won the Yuelai Sponge City Monitoring and Information Platform project. SUEZ NWS is now responsible for installing its patented AQUADVANCED® urban drainage system, on behalf of Chongqing Yuelai Investment Group, in Yuelai New City, a core hub of Liangjiang New Area. The intelligent system is applied to monitor, analyze and forecast the operating status of the rainwater drainage system, urban flood risks, influences on the natural ecology and the rainwater reuse system. It should also calculate and report on how a sponge city performs against key performance indicators.

The AQUADVANCED® urban drainage system, developed by SUEZ NWS, does realtime monitoring of the sewage and rainwater network system for water treatment enterprises and water management institutions, to mitigate flood risks and control the quality of water discharged to the natural environment.


The system has been successfully applied to 20 cities and regions, including Bordeaux, Paris, Marseille, Barcelona, and Singapore.

The results

- The first phase of the project of Yuelai Sponge City Monitoring and Information Platform was completed and put into trial run in January 2018, spanning 18.67km2. It includes Yuelai Exhibition & Convention City, Yuelai Ecological City, and Yuelai Smart City. In the future, it will extend to the other areas of Liangjiang New Area.
- This project is of important significance to the successful construction of sponge city in Chongqing, and will have the first intelligent stormwater control system of China’s 30 sponge cities. This helps to establish the group's leading strategic position in the sponge city construction industry.



coverage area of Phase 1
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