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Macao automatic waste collection system: creating cleaner environments, safer residential areas

As an international free port, Macao is one of the most densely populated regions in the world and one of the four largest gambling cities in the world. With the increase of population and economic prosperity in Macao, the demand for waste service is further increasing. SUEZ NWS provides municipal cleaning and waste collection services to Macao residents through its subsidiary, Companhia de Sistemas de Resíduos Lda. (CSR).
The mission

Municipal waste collection

Companhia de Sistemas de Resíduos Lda. (CSR), the subsidiary of SUEZ NWS was established in 1992 to carry out waste collection and street cleansing services for Macao. With nearly 700 employees and over 100 vehicles, CSR collects over 1,000 tons of waste each day for the citizens, businesses and industries. CSR also develops and operates the automatic waste collection system in Hac Sa Wan area. Additionally, CSR is responsible for the cleaning, both manually and mechanically of all Macao's public streets, sidewalks and public beaches.


tons of waste collected every day
Our solution

Innovative waste collection system

The Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) in Macao is an innovative waste collection solution that saves space and eliminates common environmental impacts, whilst also being safe and user-friendly.

Vacuum suction system prevents the odor

128 outdoor disposal inlets connect with the integrated underground pipe network, which suck the waste to the compaction systems by vacuum. The AWCS’ deodorizing and dust-filtering system and exhaust air channel reduce noise and environmental emissions. Odors and leachates are also controlled inside the inlets during the suction process.
The Results

These inlets provide continuous, 24-hour, fully automatic operation, and serving approximately 15,800 households without even being noticed.


households being served
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