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Quality water services to guide Macau's prosperity

As an international free port, Macao is one of the most densely populated regions in the world and one of the four largest gambling cities in the world. In 1985, SUEZ NWS signed a 25 year "water concession contract" with the Macau Government, which was the first concession contract of SUEZ in Asia and has been successfully continued for 20 years as of 2010.

The mission

The oriental Las Vegas on scarce water resources

Along with the prosperity of Macau's tourism and gaming industries, the region, with an area of only 32.8 km², receives nearly twice as many visitors a day as its resident population, following which is a rapidly growing demand for water.

On the other hand, Macau is surrounded by sea on three sides, so the freshwater resources are very scarce; in addition, due to the salt tide erosion that often occurs, Macau faces arduous pressure in water-saving.


Visitors to Macao (2017)
Our solutions
SUEZ NWS has been providing water services throughout Macau since 1985. It currently operates three water treatment plants, including Ilha Verde water treatment plant (WTP), Main Storage Reservoir WTP and Coloane WTP, adopting five different water treatment processes from SUEZ: Aquazur V, Pulsator, Mediazur V, AquaDAF, and the most advanced AquaDAF plus Ultra-filtration. Each process can be applied to produce high-quality drinking water that can meet both Macao and European standards.

In order to improve the monitoring level on the networks efficiency, we introduced SUEZ's AQUADVANCED® system in 2014. The system is easy to operate and can help to:

  • Comprehensively monitor water supply flow, pressure, water quality, and energy consumption;
  • Provide advanced event management to identify anormalies and their causes;
  • Accurately anticipate accident risks and simulate the impact of contingency measures;
  • Offer facilitation of data analysis

High-quality customer service is an important part of water management. To this end, we set up the hotline and the customer service center, and also established a customer liaison group, which, with members ranging from the company's management staff to client representatives and 21 business groups, holds regular meetings and solicits opinions widely to facilitate continuous improvement of our services.

In addition, we launched a number of public welfare activities to help citizens build good habits of water use, so that they would contribute to save Macau's precious water resources by every little bit.
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