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2017 Integrated Report: resources for all and for tomorrow

For the third consecutive year, SUEZ is publishing an Integrated Report, presenting the company's strategic, forward-looking vision and the results it achieved in 2017 on behalf of all its stakeholders.
Integrated Report

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About this Report

SUEZ actor of the circular economy

In accordance with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) frame of reference, this reporting model is part of a movement that is gaining momentum in the business world. It meets the new needs of investors, customers, business partners, NGOs and employees to understand, analyse and measure the overall performance of a company and its interactions with society.


It highlights links between economic, financial and extra-financial (environmental, employment and governance) issues.


Defined by the Group’s governing bodies and Business Units, the Integrated Report offers the keys to understanding and analysing SUEZ activities worldwide:

  • the framework for value creation;
  • the socio-economic footprint of the Group’s activity worldwide;
  • its carbon footprint;
  • its performance considered from the viewpoint of all the different stakeholders;
  • how it exercises its duty of vigilance and respect for human rights.
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