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Loïc Voisin-Group Director-Innovation-Marketing-Industrial Performance-SUEZ

Our strength of innovation must enable all our customers to enter the age of the resource revolution

Loïc Voisin-Senior VP Group Innovation, Marketing and Business Performance


Innovation Week 2018

Droughts, floods and record-breaking wild fires, the seventh continent of plastic... Warnings are no longer enough. Together we must take action and innovate, to create solutions that will safeguard resources today and tomorrow.


From 12 to 19 October 2018, SUEZ organised its first week-long event dedicated to innovation for the smart and sustainable management of the planet’s resources.

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Innovating for our customers

Supporting our clients towards a sustainable growth model

Our strategy relies on an ambitious research and innovation policy goals to make measurable contributions to the resource revolution. Allowing for a highly differentiated offer and enables our customers to achieve greater efficiency in the environmental management.

Our innovation ecosystem

Internal research meets open innovation

SUEZ’s innovation policy is based on various programs and projects managed internally, and with a strong commitment to open innovation. Shortening development cycles and reducing time-to-market of its products and services. We’ve invested €120 million into these programs in 2018.

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