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SUEZ Ventures


We contribute to the development of innovative enterprises that present commercial synergies with our offers.

Jean-Luc Ventura-CEO SUEZ Ventures

To boost and extend its research and innovation policy, the Group created SUEZ Ventures in 2010, its Innovation investment fund dedicated to new water and waste technologies.

We support the development of young innovative companies

In 2010, we launched SUEZ Ventures, as an investment fund. It is one of the premier players in corporate venture funding in water management, recycling and waste recovery sectors.


SUEZ Ventures supports the dynamic management teams of companies during their industrial vetting or commercial deployment phases.


The investment fund’s mission is to complete the SUEZ Group’s range of Open Innovation tools, by providing its operational units with an easier access to innovative solutions in their areas of business.

Investment strategy

We invest financially as a strategic partner

from 0,5 to 2 million
of initial investment per project
innovative start-ups identified

SUEZ Ventures, with a budget of EUR 50 million (EUR 0.5 to EUR 2 million initial investment per project), acts as an investor and industrial partner for young companies developing innovative technologies.


The identification of operational and commercial synergies with SUEZ's businesses and offers is a prerequisite for decision making on investments. To this end, SUEZ Ventures is committed to develop commercial partnerships, which represent key success factors regarding the Group investment strategy. Partnerships create value for both portfolio companies and the Group’s operating entities.


Since 2010, SUEZ Ventures has enabled the Group to identify more than 1,200 innovative start-ups, that is to say several hundred per year. SUEZ Ventures has made eight investments into high-growth potential SMEs that have synergies with the Group, and has bought stakes in Demeter 3 Amorçage, Demeter 6 Amorçage, and Paris Fonds Verts – seed fund investment companies. Several other partnership collaborations have been launched through additional Group programs and initiatives.

Areas of intervention

SUEZ Ventures Partnerships

Our business partners

Through SUEZ Ventures, the Group supports companies which are shaping the world of tomorrow.


Via SUEZ ventures, the Group has acquired a minority stake in NEXTALIM in September 2017, which expertise includes the use of insects to turn food waste into proteins for the animal food and green chemistry sectors. This ambitious project will be industrialized in 2018 in Poitiers (France).


Read the section “The fly solution”, 21 Journeys to the countries of the new resources (pages 99-103)

Visit the NextAlim website (only in French).



Based in Châteauneuf-sur-Isère, France, the family company PRODEVAL achieved strong growth in 2015 through the development and sale of its VALOPUR® product, which recovers the biogas produced by the methanation of organic waste and sewage sludge as biomethane.

SUEZ Ventures is supporting the development of PRODEVAL on the biogas recovery market by acquiring a 22% minority share through a financial investment in the company.


Based in Lyon, COGEBIO is developing the GASCLEAN process, which combines a wood biomass gasifier and a specific dual-fuel burner to burn syngas from the gasifier, a fossil fuel or a mixture of the two: the applications are in industrial processes that use heat or steam and space heating.

Following its initial commercial successes on "clean" biomass flows, COGEBIO will be able to extend the use of GASCLEAN to the energy recovery of waste, in particular class B wood (furniture wood, panels, forestry residues, etc.), which will enable partners to develop synergies throughout the value chain.


Founded in 2011, INTENT TECHNOLOGIES has developed the first platform for the standardised, real-time exchange of the data and services produced by the equipment and the service providers in the residential ecosystem. IntentPlatform speeds up the strategies of players on this fast-changing market that aim to boost efficiency and develop new services for professionals and consumers.


HYDRELIS, the specialist in water consumption tracking and leak detection and protection in buildings, develops and markets smart water shut-off systems that identify anomalies (leaks, waste, burst pipes), turn off the water if necessary, and alert the customer. Its main markets are the tertiary and residential sectors, but new markets linked to the IoT and public supply are also appearing.


HYDRELIS complements SUEZ's ON’connect™ range of smart water meters and enables this young French company to boost its international development. CapHorn Invest, a historical shareholder in HYDRELIS, also participated in the transaction.


Visit the HYDRELIS website



SUEZ, through its Corporate Investment Fund SUEZ Ventures, has invested in December 2017 in the ETIA Group through a joint shareholding in ETIA alongside the Race For Water Foundation on one side, and in the start-up COGEBIO, alongside Demeter 3A and ETIA on the other side. The aim of these investments, totaling €4.2m, is to support the ETIA Group’s development in France and internationally and to create a full range of solutions for the production of green energy.


Visit the ETIA website


SUEZ Ventures has supported OPTIMATICS

Following its 2017 acquisition of a minority stake in OPTIMATICS via SUEZ Ventures, the Group's venture capital fund, SUEZ has now acquired the start-up’s entire share capital. OPTIMATICS, a start-up founded in Australia and based in the United States, has developed OPTIMIZERTM, a revolutionary digital tool that allows network managers to identify the best way to allocate the available economic resources in order to meet their performance targets.

With OPTIMIZERTM, SUEZ is expanding its AQUADVANCED® range of digital solutions dedicated to improving the performance of its water services and is helping local authorities and major operators to fulfil their aims of developing their local areas while ensuring resilient services in a well-controlled financial environment.


Read more: SUEZ accelerates its digital transformation with the acquisition of OPTIMATICS, leader of water networks optimization



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